About Us

UJET brings joy to customer support by helping companies resolve problems faster.

We know what you’re thinking. How can the word “joy” possibly belong in the same sentence as “customer support?”

And we get it. Like everyone else, we dreaded calling customer support. But no matter how loudly we screamed into our phones or posted caustic reviews, nothing changed, except our feelings for the brands we once loved. That’s why as designers, developers, and technologists, we figured we could do something to fix it.

With our dedicated team and technology, our revolutionary customer interaction platform offers a holistic experience for voice and chat channels that customers can reach via in-app, in-web, and in-1800 routes.

Headquartered in San Francisco, we replace all of the convoluted systems, lines, and contact numbers with a stunningly simple SDK to take the frustration out of customer support and in turn provide a sleek, modern smartphone-era experience.

So join us in waving goodbye to frustration and saying hello to rich, multimodal interaction. Because while you’re supporting your customers, UJET is supporting you.

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